Air Dehumidifer Heat Pump reduce the humidity in the air with a high efficiency heat pump. Saving energy than other systems without the need to change the air conditioning. By experts “LEAFS HEATPUMP”.

HeatPump Air Dehumidifer - OAU,AHU Model
HeatPump Air Dehumidifer - OAU,AHU Model

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In General, warmer the air and reduces the relative humidity in the air by the electric heater is used to generate heat.

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Warmer the air and reduces the relative humidity in the air by heat pump system (Dx-Coil)


We can explain the principles of the heat pump to reduce the humidity in the air by plotting down Psychrometric Chart.

1.) point of OA (Outdoor Air) is the temperature humidity of air of the country Thailand is generally located at 35 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity 60% rH

2.) MIX point (Mixing Air) is the temperature humidity of air is mixed with the air in the room back to the wind pipe (Return Air) is located at 27° c. 58% rH of relative humidity

3.) EVAP point is the temperature humidity of air through evaporator (Evaporate Coil) of the heat pump at this point, water in the air is being removed and also reduces air temperature help reduce your air conditioning refrigerant (AHU), and helps reduce power consumption in the first part, located at 21.5° c. Relative humidity 68% rH

4.) CC2 point is the temperature humidity of air through evaporator (Cooling Coil) of air conditioning (AHU) are normally found at 10° c. Relative humidity 100% rH Dew Point is this point is obviously the burden of refrigeration (Cooling) of reduced air conditioning.

5.) SA point is the temperature humidity of air through the coil (Coil Condensate) of the heat pump in order to warm air (Reheat) makes it possible to the supply air used is 18 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity 55% rH at this point, the heat pump will use less electric heater electric power up to 4 times, which reduces energy use in the second part.

6.) ROOM point is the target of the air conditioning in the room is 24 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity 50% rH

Air Dehumidifier Heat Pump, It can be seen that the heat pump is used to reduce the humidity of the air is effective. Reduce the cooling load of the air conditioner. It also uses less power than other methods.

Moreover, the LEAFS also had taken the Internet Of Things technology, which is a Trend in the age of 4.0 used a heat pump to increase efficiency in maintenance and data analysis applications.


Real Time Monitor Via Internet


Alarm History and Alert Email

data graph,leafs

Show historical data of data graph and data report

Implementing and improving the system.

Dehumidifier Heat Pump is suitable for applications that must be air-conditioned to control moisture in the air, such as surgery. Storage of drugs in hospital Test chamber room in the pharmaceutical production, pharmaceutical production plant, and even applied to reduce moisture in cold air delivery system in buildings.

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Bumrungrad – Dehum Heat Pump
Bumrungrad – Dehum Heat Pump
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Bumrungraj - Dehum Heat Pump
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NIA – Air Dehumidifier

Reduce the humidity in the air.

It can also be installing Dehumidifier Heat pump with the air conditioning system to increase efficiency, reduce the moisture in the air and reduce the use of electric heater, which is very light and can also be used instead of reducing the moisture with the steam from a pot with them, such as DAICEL Prachinburi 304 industrial park.

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